What You Need To Know About Email Checker


What is Email Checker Or Email Verifier

An Email Checker is also known as Email Verifier or Email Validator,

Email Checker is an online software or web tool designed to check the validity of an email address.

In order to ensure that a given email address is active and functioning, a process known as “email verification” is carried out. The verification process is effortlessly carried out by the use of an email checker tool.

The process of cleaning and validating an email list is an essential part of any email marketing campaign.

Anyone can make a typo while writing out an email address, rendering the address useless. When sending email marketing campaigns, having a large number of invalid email addresses lowers deliverability.

A lower email bounce rate is necessary for a positive return on investment from email marketing campaigns. Using a bulk email verifier is a good way to reduce the number of emails that bounce.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the best email verification services available today.

One can choose between two distinct email checker tools: Real-time verification using API or Bulk email list verification

The most common form of email testing tool is a web-based service. As soon as you type in an email address, you’ll see the instantaneous response. If you want to implement real-time email verification on your site or app, you’ll need to use this API.

To prevent invalid email addresses from being saved to the system, use API.

When we sign up for a new Google or Yahoo account, we are required to enter our preferred email address. This feature also verifies that the inputted email address is unique.

The second category of email checkers is the one that lets you upload a file and returns a valid email address list. Email verifiers like these are a paid service that can help with your email marketing. Most of the time, you can import your existing email list into these services.

When verifying an email address, one common method is to send a message to that address. You will only find this one link in this email. When asked to verify your email address, click this link. Your email address will be confirmed after clicking the link.

Top 5 Email Checker or Verifier Services

The following is a list of the best email checker and verifier services currently available online.


1. Bouncer

Bouncer has over 200 positive reviews on Capterra and G2Crowd and a rating of 4.8, making it one of the best email list verification, email validation, and deliverability platforms available.

When it comes to email validation, Bouncer is at the forefront of technology. There is no downtime with either the API or the list verification mechanisms, so they are both top-notch. This product offers superior protection and superior performance (up to 200 000 verified e-mails per hour per customer).

Deliverability can be monitored and enhanced with the help of the product’s additional features, such as the Email Toxicity Check and the Deliverability Kit. The Bouncer integration library is quite large.

Features and Benefits Of Bouncer

The services that Bouncer provides include:

Simplified complexity – a highly effective technological solution with an easy-to-use interface through which you can check individual emails or multiple lists in just three steps.

Built by developers, for developers, our email verification API is both powerful and easy to implement. You can easily verify multiple emails at once or use real-time verification with just one.

Helps you control who has access to what and when, all within a single account!

High accuracy, with a bias against false negatives, so that customers’ connectivity isn’t disrupted by incorrect labeling.

Highest level of coverage, including support for verifying e-mail addresses hosted with various ESPs (including deep catchall Google Workspace and Office365 verification) with only a tiny fraction of results being ambiguous (0.3-3%).

Fast verification and liberal rate-limiting, both contributing to high performance. For each client, they can swiftly process two hundred thousand e-mails per hour

Product reliability (zero downtime policy)

When it comes to safety, SOC2 compliance is already met.

Bounce rates can be lowered including old, fake, and invalid email addresses deleted. Searches for and identifies generic, free, role, and catch-all email addresses.

Check the accuracy of your email list with a free sample from our email verification service. You’ll be saving money and time.

Mailing decision: Once you’ve verified all of the emails on your list, you can use the Bounce estimate to make an educated decision about which ones to keep.

Fast and Friendly: It’s technically a fast and friendly service with a personal touch.

Designed to meet all GDPR requirements! They care deeply about keeping your information safe. All data are stored exclusively in AWS data centers within the EU.

Toxicity Check: Determine if your mailing list contains any potentially harmful addresses, such as those belonging to known spammers, litigators, or complainants.

Delivery Check: Check your email’s delivery to inboxes at various service providers, confirm your identity, keep tabs on blacklists, and receive alerts when problems arise with the Deliverability Toolkit.

2. Xverify The Xverify email verification service was developed with digital marketing in mind.

Boosting email deliverability for digital advertising is possible by cutting down on spam complaints, fake sends, and hard bounces. When validating an email address, email validators check to see if the provided username is already in use by the domain.

3. ZeroBounce In order to improve email deliverability, businesses can use ZeroBounce, an email list cleaning service. By filtering out invalid addresses, spam traps, and other forms of email abuse, the system guarantees that your mailing lists are always current.

Using ZeroBounce, you can improve your sender reputation, which is essential for having your subscribers’ email messages delivered to their inboxes. In addition, comprehensive feedback on catch-all emails and overall email activity levels is provided by the company’s email scoring system, ZeroBounce A.I.

Bounced emails can be avoided and spam filters can be activated thanks to this feature.

Detects temporary, catch-all, abused, and spam accounts.

Provides a powerful API for checking email addresses in real time.

Information such as names, genders, and locations that may be missing from email lists can be added.

It’s free and gets rid of copies.

Support is available at all times.

4. NeverBounce NeverBounce is an email verification and cleaning service that operates in real time.

It can be used for both individual and mass email verification. NeverBounce checks the legitimacy of emails sent from any server, no matter how big or small the company sending them or where they’re located in the world.

5. DeBounce You can validate your emails in bulk or via API with the help of DeBounce, a popular, fast, and accurate email validation platform. DeBounce has received over a thousand five-star ratings across several review websites.

DeBounce allows you to easily connect your CRM, ESP, and WebForms thanks to its extensive network of integrations, including 30 direct connections to other email service providers. In addition to the aforementioned functions, DeBounce provides a robust data enrichment engine for revealing the real identity and associated avatar of any email address.

The data enrichment engine can be utilized via batch processing or independently via API calls.

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